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Cherry Stone Pillow

Cherry Stone Pillow

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Cherry Stone Thermal Pillow

- Printed on 100% cotton.

- Microwaveable and freezable (for use as a hot or cold compress to relieve aches and pains.)

- Designed and made in the UK.

- The cherry stones have been cleaned in a drum washer using only water, without any addition of acids or chemicals.

- 100% natural and eco-friendly, washable at 30°, do not tumble dry.

- The pillow can be scented with your favourite essential oils.

- Store in a cool and dry place.


To use hot:

Spray lightly with water, this helps the pillow retain heat for longer.

Set the microwave to 600W and heat for 1 minute,  building up gently until you find the ideal heat for you.

Before using the pillow check the temperature.

Cherry stones will hold heat for up to 1 hour.

Do not overheat as the stones will lose their healing properties.

Do not leave unattended whilst in the microwave.


To use cold:

Pop in the freezer for up to 2 hours before using.

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